We offer certain promotions to our players – these promotions are primarily offer to new comers to airsoft and to promote the sport in a cost effective positive manor.
1.    Tri-pro “tri programme” is designed for all players attending s.w.a.t. venues the opportunity to play regular and the promotion we offer for this, attend twice in one calendar month and get your third game within that month free. “please note we cannot carry this across into another month, it must be used in the same calendar month” but you save money if you play three times within that month.
2.    We offer promotions to players that buy airsoft replica firearms from bomb up airsoft. The promotions breaks down into separate offers within the following schedule.
3.     1. Free grenade hire which includes 10 bangs ( saving you £10.00 on the day) and you get to use a grenade to enhance your game.
4.    2. £5.00 off your site fee, which can be used by novices or fully fledged members or new seasoned players to the site.
5.    3. Produce your voucher and bring a friend, your friend gets in for half price.
6.    4. Night game discount which reduces the site fee from £10.00 to £5.00
7.    5. Free rental equipment when you bring a friend saving your friend £20.00
Please note that vouchers from bomb up are only accepted once – we keep a list of all vouchers under the players name – so use you voucher wisely – the vouchers can however be given to a friend or other team member for use.

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