Levels within the kyln are detailed here, but to experience the full on effects and environment it would be a treat to your senses and gaming ethos.
Not all levels are the same, in fact the diversity is surreal to create such different scenarios for you to discover. Please note not all aspects of the levels are depicted here as such, the site is in constant development and things are added weekly to enhance your airsoft pleasure.

The safezone: “Level 0”
Well what can i say other than its a safe-zone is like no other, specifically designed to accommodate every players needs, from charging stations “ lipo and nicad”, to dedicated benches with gun stands, to tea and coffee on tap all day and free chilled water, seating for every player, chronograph room and separate target range. Well lit and very clean.
And not forgetting the custom s.w.a.t. hi-fi system to get the players in the mood with our collection of music to keep the players fired up.
Also not forgetting apart from the safe-zone the in-game professional photographers titch and nutz, who frequent the action and take super pictures to treat the players on facebook with hi-rez images.

The dark room: “Level 1”
Set at lumen at -97% this room is laid out with direct laser distractions.
To add to the play on your senses fog machines enhance the effects, coupled with the many obstacles within this level, it’s not easy to navigate,
a torch may be an asset in this level but not a requirement, only you can make or break this level.

West world: ”Level 2”
This level contains the following, a bank, a jail, other wooden attributes and again in constant development.
With the bank you must steal the bags of “s.w.a.t. dorra” our own currency and within the safe is the gold bars. As a western themed level within 2017 it will encompass a saloon, an undertakers and of course a house of ill repute for ladies of the night !

Pacman room “ Level 3”
A full size replica of the original packman game, in effect a maze, with flashing lights and piped music and the customary ghost station, this is a tight full on maze, within the maze is an actual pacman and ghosts to boot. The pistol carta or short shot guns are recommended within this level.

The suite “ Level 4”
Ever wondered what it would be like to have a fire fight in a furniture showroom, well now’s your chance. From diving over sofa’s to bouncing off beds and hiding behind recliners and tables.
All our players have mastered this low shooting room and navigated the bays with all the different aspects of wardrobes and chairs. In any event and you get too tired you can always chill our on a leather settee.

Skynet “ Level 5”
Enter the world of skynet – cyberdyne systems, the brain of the terminator where you will see staged areas of absolute weirdness. From the brain to the construction and an array of computer servers and terminals.
Within this area are housed certain aspects of the skynet brain which is the birth place of the t-800 terminator. Be weary as this room is deceptive with its many bays and nooks and crannies to help the opposing players hide in fear of your wraith, not that they may be hiding from cyborg’s ?

Toybox “Level 6”
Enter this room to play in the mind of the toybox, with blow up bunkers to huge teddy bears and balls and crazy furry heads. This is no place for children but will test your shooting skills as you navigate the many obscure shapes within this contruct. A note for all, the floor has been dusted with silica sand to allow some classic knee sliding action, but be careful not to over shoot your slide into the opposing players stream of bbs.

The meat locker “ Level 7”
Draped in blood splattered translucent butchers sheets, and to add to the confusion high energy strobe lighting, this level will mess with your senses such as level one, set at lumen -90% almost dark, the strobe lighting messes with the visual cortex, so beware that the opposing players that you are shooting at may have already moved. A nice fast paced level but warning to those that suffer from photo sensitive epilepsy “DO NOT ENTER THIS LEVEL”

OFF LIMITS “Level 8”
This is the access to the kyln’s roof and is off limits to all players due to health and safety considerations.

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