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CQB (Close Quarters Battle) - The military acronym for shooting between buildings and rooms.

Close Quarters Battle. Combat occuring in close quarters, such as indoors, streets and ally-ways where surroundings severely limits maneuverability and visibility to the point where standard methods, equipment and tactics are no longer suitable.
SWAT teams, are among the best examples of CQB operations, as they are highly trained to work in narrow, restrictive and confusing environments, using tactics which are very different to that of military infantry trained to operate in more open environments.


CQB is a modern term used to define combat using firearms and special CQB equipment. Generally, SOPs (standard Operating Procedures) for CQB never involve hand to hand combat and CQB operatives are highly trained with firearms at close to point blank conditions. Engagements:

To engage a target you need to breach a room, this could be undertaken by team work or the lone wolf philosophy, never assume to be a one man army, this seldom leads to success.

s.w.a.t. Urban engagement rules are simple, if you shoot a player they are out, they shout hit and leave the arena, if you are hit same rule applies this tells all players that there is a dead player leaving the gaming arena, it may also be wise to shout dead man coming through or dead man walking if you are nearing a corridor with a door way you are not sure of, in any case s.w.a.t. Will provide a clear exit for killed players.

When I say killed I mean that in the gaming sense and not for real god forbid.

Cease fire

In the event of an emergency or just to extract players from a fire fight, the marshals will shout “hold fire” hold your positions” this means stop shooting and await instructions, normally within a few minutes the marshals will shout “game back on” or if it is an emergency the marshals may shout “game over”

Physical contact

No physical contact is allowed other than stealth knife kills, which in reality will be with either a rubber knife or just a tap on a shoulder. (real knives are not permitted on-site)

In the situation that violence occurs between players, i/e blows being taken or even verbal abuse in the form of swearing the players will be expected to leave the game arena and have a meeting with the site owners and staff, to evaluate what went wrong, there will be a cooling off period.

If an agreeable solution can be reached i/e apologies “so the players make up” we carry on as normal.
If the problem cannot be resolved, players will be asked to leave the venue.

What is airsoft ?

Many people do not know what airsoft is!
They say what’s airsoft ??
Trying to not explain it’s a bunch of nutter’s running around with replica guns stirs up all sorts of mental images, unfortunate as airsoft is still in its infancy we all make the same comment (its similar to paintball!!)
Then generally they accept the fact and as most people have taken the time to play paintball relate to the mental images they have on their paintball experiences.
Now the fact that airsoft vaguely connects to paintball is a damn shame,
s.w.a.t. Has been operating airsoft since 2001 and has, as some have put it being the founding fathers of the state and temperament of airsoft thus far, even though a rocky path s.w.a.t. had chosen to take, made other's think and expand the way airsoft should be presented.

To further add to this presentation this section is designed to show in layman’s terms what airsoft is to the total novice, and i am sure once you have researched this section, it will make your mind up to play the gentlemen’s sport which requires a bit more skill and commitment than your average paintball experience.

Airsoft is a modern combat sport or recreational hobby in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical airsoft pellets commonly known as bb’s, launched from airsoft replica guns, Participants typically employ the use of varying types of airsoft replica’s designed as replicas of real firearms, tactical gear, and accessories used by modern military and police organisations.
Airsoft has its roots in late- 1970’s Japan where firearms were difficult or impossible to obtain due to local laws and people sought a legal alternative to owning actual firearms. The vast majority of airsoft guns, accessories, and after market upgrade parts are also manufactured in East Asian regions such as Japan, china, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Many new, more affordable, Chinese guns are dominating the airsoft market. They are competing against more reliable established companies like G&G, Classic Army, ICS, and Tokyo Marui.

Your airsoft defence formula

In the UK the Violent Crime Reduction Bill came into force on October 1st 2007.
The sport was given special dispensation, however, airsoft guns can now only be purchased by those belonging to a registered airsoft site. Who then must attain a membership through the particular airsoft venue provider, thus obtaining a defence to prove they are active participants.
 All members are then placed on a database, there are many forms of these databases, such as sites operate their own as does s.w.a.t. via our p.a.s.s. verification module.. Retailers must also prove that they are registered to supply such guns. Individuals can import the guns from abroad meaning that the cheaper Chinese alternatives can be purchased, but run the risk of defective low grade manufacturing with little or no warranty.
We advise support your local or uk based web retailers and this offers you the comfort of support and warranty within the united kingdom.

Click the P.A.S.S. logo to see how s.w.a.t. offers its members an airsoft defence.

Blank firing depolyment's

Simple rules need to be employed for blank firing platforms
Definition = b.f.g. “ blank firing grenade”

blank firing platforms effects used within a game to create explosions or special effects:
1. if a b.f.g. has entered your room, and you cannot exit the room in time safely, your dead:
2. do not pick up any b.f.g.  that have been throw in.
3. treat any b.f.g. as potentially dangerous.
4. DO NOT attempt to pick a b.f.g. up to throw back – this will result in serious injuries.
5. Do not blind throw b.f.g.  – see where you are going to deploy and do it safely.
6. b.f.g.  are only hired to adults, so no persons under the age of 18 need ask.
7. No homemade devices are permitted unless cleared by the s.w.a.t. marshals
8. Smoke is not allowed due to the confined gaming areas.
9. Electronic b.f.g. are not allowed.

Game play

Game play with the s.w.a.t. Clan has always been top notch, seldom is the word cheat heard by the s.w.a.t. Marshals and seldom do we have issues with hit taking, but for the new comers to s.w.a.t. Urban here are our rules:

1. When you are hit “TAKE THE HIT” shout “HIT” and leave the area for re-spawn.
2. Avoid point blanking, if too close unload one round into a TAC vest or baggy clothing, then advise the player they have been shot.
3. Avoid deliberate head shots, offenders will be asked to leave the site.
4. Do not cheat.
5. Do not talk when dead or whilst on your way to respawn, if you are using pmr radio comms or similar, remove your head set, or turn the unit off.
6. No negative play, such as hurling verbal abuse at the other team, this pisses people off.
7. No running indoors, there maybe pools of spent ammo in door ways etc.
8. Not shooting light bulbs, showering glass is not big nor clever and can result in injuries.
9. If you see an injured player – shout a marshal for first aid.
10. Check your fps and semi-auto selector prior to gaming indoors “unless fight club”.
11. If you’re not sure ask, we don’t bite “much”.

P.P.E. Personal protective equipment

Eye protection.
Eye protection must conform to grade 1 impact or EN166, we highly recommend a close cup system which in effect leaves no gap between the face and the lens, this does not allow obscure shots to enter in the side such as they do with normal shooting glasses.
Normal shooting glasses are not permitted due to the up close and personal battles that will happen, this is for player safety, and as we do care about our players, I’m sure you will understand.
Closed cup lenses are permitted which in layman’s terms means sealed around the eyes or full face.

Masks being full face protection:
Paintball style masks do offer a good amount of protection but some players feel that the look and feel is not airsoft, we do insist on our fight club games and under 18’s wear full face paintball masks for maximum protection,

We supply specific masks for airsoft only – MESH system rather than a lens prevents misting.
Approved mask protection systems.
1. Scott extreme mask – approved
2. JT systems masks – approved
3. dye system masks – approved
4. e-vents systems – approved
5. neoprene face shields – approved
6. scrim scarves – approved
7. head over – approved
8. mesh masks - approved
9. s10 respirators - not approved
10. standard shooting glasses - not approved.
11. mesh face protection.

With these systems currently under the s.w.a.t. Approval system, all aspects of protection will be considered, for players wishing to not use full-face protection, you will be required to fill out a waiver and not use our recommended systems at your own risk.
Note-: mesh systems can only be manufactured for airsoft by the makers, all other mesh systems are at the scrutiny of the s.w.a.t. marshals.
For player comfort it is recommended that you wear full fingered gloves, and if possible the type with armour on the back to protect the skin.
Neck protection.
Is not mandatory but recommended for player comfort, unless you like spots?
Ear protection.
Ear protection is provided free for all players to use, please use the free ear protection for your own protection as bangs indoors can cause damage to hearing.

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