Please feel free to view what we offer our members within this page:
We offer discounts on site fees as well as exclusive offers for special events at our sites:
Resident professional photographers nutz and titch offer up super images that capture the moments you spent at s.w.a.t. airsoft urban:


If you frequent facebook and have attended one of our events it’s very likely that we took your picture and we host all images we have taken on our corporate facebook page. All images are yours to use freely for private and non-commercial use:
We also from time to time shoot k4 video and put them on our vimeo site which can be found within our media section of this web site:


The triple programme also known as tri-pro was introduced in the mid season of 2011 and was proven to be very popular with players and members attending s.w.a.t.
The very simple basic formula was posed in the following manner.
1. Play twice within a calendar month.
2. Get your third game in the same month for free.
This applies to new players getting into to airsoft and of course sponsors regular members and players to get the maximum £££ saving that we offer for loyalty.

When attending our sites we keep an attendance register which is the basis of how your attendance is monitored, so in effect you can get a visit to our urban site over three trips in a particular month at £60.00 if you’re a member of s.w.a.t. means you only would have paid £20.00 per visit in that month – bargain !

Hitman system:

To register for the “hitman system” is quite simple and the basis of the system is as follows:
1. As a member and to speed up the process of booking in all current and new members must send us an email to
2. The following data must be provided.
3. Your name
4. Your address
5. Your membership number
6. A selfie (picture of you and not a silly one)
7. Then print out the new declaration below which will allow the booking in process to be quicker on the day.
Once we have this data we will generate a new membership card, which will allow you to book in with your new card, by us simply scanning the card and no forms to fill out.
The new declaration which is below allows you to agree to us storing your attendance electronically.
Please note all new email applications must be sent 4 days prior to you attending and only applies to existing members, new members serving their probation will only be entered into the hitman system once your membership has been granted.
Your airsoft defence from the point of membership can then begin and you can then enter the p.a.s.s. (system) which is a separate stand alone players identification verification system.
Once you have achieved p.a.s.s. you can then legally buy airsoft replica firearms with the p.a.s.s. we provide to retailers. For clarification of our p.a.s.s. visit the dedicated website
Play safe and enjoy the next level of airsoft at s.w.a.t.

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