Fight club

Fight club criteria

Fight club was developed at our first urban site in saighton camp some ten years ago.
The development of the scenario was play tested by team s.w.a.t. over the space of 12 months and we came to the conclusion, that fight club followed the following criteria.
1.    The first rule of fight club it’s exclusive.
2.    The second rule of fight club there are no rules.
3.    The third rule of fight club is to be high end gaming and full on.
4.    The forth rule of fight club – absolutely no physical contact.
If your interested you can apply for inclusion into this elite full on club, bearing in mind you must have the following kit.
1.    A pistol.
2.    Blank firing devices.
3.    A good torch.
4.    A training knife.
5.    Approved shooting glasses (or full face protection “your choice and risk”.
6.    A big set of balls.
The game construct is fast paced and point blank, in effect you will be playing against players that live on the fast edge of adrenaline, bearing in mind this level of intensity is all done to bond and hone players to staff, as staff play within the game construct.

Elite status

Within the fight club gaming night, we operate a game called “lone wolf”
Lone wolf is a high stress, high adrenaline game which breaks down as follows.
1.    One player goes out armed with a pistol and two mags and two pre-loaded v.t.g. grenades.
2.    The lone player is allowed to use a torch and a training knife.
3.    This player can deploy him/her self anywhere within the venue.
4.    Six players armed with a pistol and as many magazines as they can carry go out and hunt the lone player, “ note the hunters cannot use a torch or grenades.
5.    The objective of the lone wolf is to eliminate 4 out of the six by any means possible.
1.    The lone wolf if using a grenade will only class as one kill if the grenade lands within a group of hunters, if effect the closest to the detonation is eliminated.
2.    The lone wolf is allowed to strip the eliminated players of guns and ammo.
3.    The eliminated players are not allowed to talk when shot, but just must sit down and be still.
Once the 4 from 6 have be eliminated the game is over, if the lone wolf is eliminated the game is over.
If you are skilful enough to attain lone wolf status, you will be awarded the prestigious patch, be advised this is a hard game and many have tried but few have been successful .
Good luck and happy hunting !

Register your interest

If you are interested in fight club and lone wolf, please email us directly through this button.
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