Player conduct & criteria

Player conduct

All s.w.a.t. Regulars have earned respect from the s.w.a.t. Marshals over the years for being honourable players who follow simple airsoft rules. I am not about to teach granny to suck eggs, but this is for the benefit of new comers to s.w.a.t. Urban

1. the marshals decision is final.
2. take your hits, if you’re not sure give the benefit of doubt to the other player.
3. no negative play – swearing or abusive language.
4. banter is permitted.
5. do not move objects that are staged for room dynamics.
6. always wear your safety equipment –glasses – masks – gloves.
7. no physical contact.
8. if you have a complaint see a marshal.


In the event of blatant cheating the marshals have been instructed to remove players from the game, this will also be an added penalty of a one for one rule, if you cheat a friend is removed also, so be warned:
this however will not apply to our regular players as they don’t cheat at all :-)
in any event be friends.

Team identification

This problem that faces all urban venues is blue on blue or in layman’s terms shooting your own team players.
This is normally caused by the lacking of distinctive identification which normally would be defined lines on a battlefield were you would expect the enemy to be.
In a C.Q.B. environment this becomes a problem that is around the next corner.
The S.W.A.T. staff pondered this problem and looked at the alternatives, many venues use different coloured insulation tapes which are not easily identifiable in low light situations, and more often than not result in the blue on blue situation.
Through tried research we have found that bright colours would help reduce the blue on blue effect.
So we have decided to fit all players at S.W.A.T. urban with red and white 2" (50mm) gaffa tape on both biceps (upper arms)
The decision is that these bands are worn by the players on the arms to allow clearer identification.
All players will be required to wear these bands, if any player is not carrying their team-designated colours they will be removed from play.

Knife kills

Knife kills are permitted in the scenario that you are unknown to a player and rather than point blank shooting adopt a knife kill, this can be in the following format.
1. use your hand and tap them on the shoulder and say “knife kill”
2. use a toy plastic or rubber knife.
3. use a banana.

Things not to do in a knife fight
1. no physical contact, like a choke hold or strangle.
2. no real knives.
3. no doing a running knife attack !!
4. if you do a running knife attack and get shot, don’t complain,
or if you have your weapon and the player does not know you’re there, and can’t be bothered shoot them once in their tac-vest or baggy clothing.

in any event keep it sensible and safe.

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